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Protecting our People

A healthy, safe and inclusive workplace enables our people to do their best work. We are diligent in reinforcing our strong safety culture through regular communication, reporting and training, and employ a mindset of continuous improvement.

Our environment, health and safety (EHS) standards and guidelines set expectations and parameters that apply across the organization, and provide a framework to reinforce our safety culture.

Each employee and contractor must commit to upholding our EHS policy and living our core values on the job every day.

Our EHS strategy and policy are guided by our EHS Board committee. This committee oversees the development of all EHS programs for the company.

86% of employees believe AltaGas upholds a strong safety culture
72% of employees have completed SafeStart training to date

Safety Training

Achieving exceptional safety performance and a zero-injury culture is a top priority. To strengthen safe behaviours, we use a frontline training program called SafeStart. Through open discussions and scenario-based learning, SafeStart educates employees on common mistakes and unsafe behaviours, and provides tips for prevention. To date, 72 percent of employees have completed SafeStart training.

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Innovative Safety Tools

The business applications of geolocation technologies have:

  • improved operational accuracy
  • enhanced safety measures
  • accelerated emergency response

In some of our facilities, employees use wearable GPS devices when working in remote or potentially hazardous locations. This allows supervisors to identify potential safety concerns and quickly locate and help employees in the event of an incident.

Using GPS to Respond to an Incident in Anchorage

GPS sensors in our service vehicles were invaluable during a recent pipeline accident in Anchorage, Alaska. A contractor accidentally punctured one of ENSTAR’s underground pipelines. Dispatch teams were able to identify the closest technicians and had a crew at the site within minutes.

Protecting Our People

Safety Performance

In 2018, we had a Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) of 1.50 per 200,000 work hours and an Employee Motor Vehicle Accident Rate of 0.85 per 1,000,000 kilometres driven.

We are committed to continuous improvement, operational excellence and a zero-incident culture.

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