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Governance Structure

Sound governance and strong leadership are core to our strategy and delivering sustained value for our stakeholders. As the stewards of our company, our Board of Directors provides guidance and oversight of our business and ensures the highest ethical standards are maintained.

Our Board of Directors’ primary role is to manage our business and its affairs by:

  • implementing a governance framework
  • approving strategic direction
  • overseeing succession planning and risk management

Board Committees

The Board’s four standing committees help provide oversight. Different aspects of our ESG performance fall under each committee mandate. Our Board committees and their mandates include:

Human Resources and Compensation Committee oversees:

  • human resources
  • people development and training
  • compensation programs
  • executive compensation and compensation risk
  • succession planning for key management roles

Environment, Health and Safety Committee oversees:

Governance Committee oversees:

  • stakeholder relations (including with our Indigenous partners)
  • community investment
  • government relations
  • succession planning for the Board

Audit Committee oversees our:

  • risk management framework
  • financial reporting
  • disclosure controls and procedures
  • internal control over financial reporting
  • accounting
  • matters related to audits, cybersecurity and enterprise risk management
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Experienced and Diverse Board

Effective governance includes ensuring the right mix of background, experience and diversity of perspectives. This is key to supporting the scope and complexity of our business. AltaGas considers gender among other diversity criteria.

The Board’s approach to succession and renewal is to strike a balance between continuity of experience and fresh perspective.

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Board Composition at a Glance

~6.5 years Average Tenure ~6.5 years Average Tenure
82% Independent Directors 82% Independent Directors
36% Women 36% Women
91% Industry Experience 91% Industry Experience
100% Risk Oversight Experience 100% Risk Oversight Experience
82% U.S. Experience 82% U.S. Experience

Leadership and Governance Highlights

President and CEO

At the end of 2018, we welcomed our new President and Chief Executive Officer, Randy Crawford. Randy’s unique set of skills, past experience as an executive officer in both midstream and U.S. utilities, and strong leadership capabilities align with the vision and strategic direction of our company.

Board Renewal

Our approach to Board renewal is to ensure that the Board is representative of the skills and experience needed to oversee our business. We strive to ensure that Board transition is completed in an orderly fashion. We aim to maintain the right balance of continuity and institutional memory while adding fresh perspectives. We welcomed three new directors in 2018 and two in 2020.

Executive Vice President and CFO

In 2019, we appointed our new Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, James Harbilas. James has a deep background in both energy and utilities, and a proven track record in business optimization and integration. Both will be key contributors to achieving our strategic objectives.

Independent Chair and Transition from Founder

In early 2019, we appointed an independent director, Pentti Karkkainen, as Chair of the Board. We also retained the experience and knowledge of the founder of our company, David Cornhill, who continues to serve as a director.

Refreshed Board Committees

In 2019, we refreshed our committee composition by rotating in at least one new director to each committee.

Met Gender Diversity Target

In 2018 we adopted a gender diversity target to achieve 30% female representation on our Board by 2022. With the appointment of our two new directors in 2020 we have met this target in advance of our timeline.

Commitment to Gender Diversity

In 2019, AltaGas implemented an aspirational target of 30% female representation on the Board. This target was met in 2020.

Ethics and Compliance

We uphold our core values and conduct business in a safe, respectful and ethical manner.

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Ethics and Compliance

Risk Management

We identify, evaluate and mitigate risks and their impacts to our business and stakeholders.

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Risk Management

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