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Ethics and Compliance

Our Code of Business Ethics (COBE) ensures we uphold our core values and conduct business in a safe, respectful and ethical manner.

Our COBE applies to our people, contractors, suppliers, partners and Board of Directors. It, along with related policies, is approved by the Board. All employees must review our COBE and its related policies, and certify their understanding and compliance every year.

Our key COBE-related policies include:

  • Acceptable Use of Technology and Social Media
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Disclosure
  • Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • Information Security
  • Privacy
  • Respectful Workplace
  • Securities Trading and Reporting
  • Whistleblower

Fostering Integrity

There are defined processes and procedures so individuals can report what they perceive to be unacceptable behaviour. This includes the availability of a Whistleblower Hotline allowing for concerns to made anonymously. All reports are confidential and get escalated according to our guidelines. This includes escalation to our Board, when required.

Instituting practices of annual review and compliance, and providing the appropriate forums for raising concerns in a safe environment fosters a corporate culture of ethical behaviour.

We treat everyone with fairness and respect, and are honest and forthright.

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