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Improving Land Use & Reclamation

Before development begins, we conduct environmental impact assessments (when applicable), including biodiversity studies, to understand a project's potential effects. Each project is designed to limit impacts. Throughout operations, and wherever appropriate, we monitor impacts to land, air and water quality.

We focus on operational excellence to minimize environmental impacts while delivering safe, reliable energy to our customers.

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Boring techniques—a much less invasive method than trenching—are used during project work whenever possible. Impacts are also mitigated through pipeline route optimization during conceptual engineering. During and after operations, we remediate and reclaim lands that were disturbed or affected, including land at historic sites. At SEMCO, we are restoring the pipeline right-of-way (ROW) for the construction of our recently completed Marquette Connector Pipeline.

Reclamation includes the use of appropriate soil separation, erosion control and native plantings.

Marquette Area Public Schools and the Superior Watershed Partnership are also working with us to plant native wildflowers on the ROW.


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