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Training and Employment Opportunities

We train and hire locally whenever possible so our neighbours can share the benefits of our projects.

Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET), North Pine Natural Gas Liquids Facility, and Townsend Complex are within traditional Indigenous territories where we have agreements for education, training and employment opportunities.

Operator Training Program

In 2016, we participated in an Operator Training Program led by a consortium of resource developers in northeast British Columbia to provide long-term careers and meaningful employment to local Indigenous Peoples.

The program provided hands-on professional training, support and mentorship to Indigenous students to enhance their technical skills and prepare them for operational roles in the energy industry. We used aspects of this training model again in 2018 when we were developing our Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET).

RIPET: Providing Skills and Employment

Early in project development, we made a commitment to train and hire locally. Working closely with communities from the Tsimshian Nation and in partnership with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Coast Mountain College, we developed our Operator Training Program. The program was geared to local Indigenous Peoples and residents to prepare them for careers and possible employment at RIPET.

All graduates were hired and of those, 65 percent were local Indigenous Peoples. And of those, 30 percent were women. We are proud of the success of these graduates and look forward to bringing more opportunities to local residents and Indigenous Peoples as we grow our business through future projects.

11 Graduates - 65% were local Indigenous Peoples 11 Graduates - 65% were local Indigenous Peoples
100% Graduates were hired - 30% were women 100% Graduates were hired - 30% were women
Energy Affordability and Efficiency

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