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Community &
Indigenous Engagement

Being a responsible corporate citizen in the communities where we live, work and do business means giving back and creating long-term economic and social value for local residents and Indigenous Peoples. To meet community needs, we build long-term, collaborative relationships based on trust and a willingness to listen, learn and adapt.

We hire locally and use businesses and services from the areas around our operations whenever possible. Through community partnerships, sponsorships and volunteering, we get involved in projects and causes that align with our values.

Forming open, respectful, inclusive relationships with Indigenous Peoples throughout a project is fundamental to our operations.

The principles that underscore our approach are:

  • Early, open and honest communication
  • Willingness to integrate Indigenous teachings and knowledge to help inform our planning and development
  • Desire to engage with as many community members as possible
  • Commitment to educate, train and build capacity for community members
  • Work with Indigenous Peoples to achieve the goals defined by the community, and provide lasting benefits

Maintaining Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships is critical to our success. Starting early in the development of a project, we engage in discussions with local communities to gain a solid understanding of the region and to learn about the priorities, interests and concerns of our project stakeholders.

Community Consultation

Early in project planning for RIPET, we learned that residents had concerns and questions about the safe transport of propane along the CN railway to our site.

We engaged in sustained dialogue with affected communities to inform them about the risks associated with propane transport by rail. Then we worked proactively with these communities to mitigate those risks.

By the time that RIPET was due to begin operations, AltaGas and our partner Emergency Response Assistance Canada had addressed community concerns by:

  • offering liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) firefighter training in affected communities
  • providing specialized LPG emergency response equipment at strategic points along the railway

Indigenous Engagement

As our presence in British Columbia and Alberta has grown, we have been privileged to develop relationships with Indigenous communities whose traditional territories are affected by our operations. With each project, we work to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships while recognizing and respecting individual values and traditions. Each relationship is unique and based on a foundation of respect for languages, customs, and political, social and cultural institutions.

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Maintaining Strong Relationships

Addressing challenges

Challenges can come up during any project. In Eastern Canada, we are progressing an underground natural gas storage project to help offset the use of higher carbon-emitting fuels such as fuel oil and coal, and reduce energy costs for consumers.

As the project develops, we are engaging with:

  • the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia
  • academia
  • the local community
  • government and regulators

Our engagement also included an independent third-party review and more than 10 years of scientific analysis. While challenges remain, we are committed to ongoing dialogue, comprehensive environmental monitoring, and opportunities for local communities to benefit from the project.

AltaGas included us from the beginning, respected us, trusted us, and worked with us

To understand what our community needs. Together, we developed a training program so our people could get good jobs and enjoy the benefits they provide.

Mayor John Helin , Lax Kw'alaams
May 2019
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Customer Safety

Safety is one of our core values and is integral to how we operate.

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Customer Safety

Energy Affordability and Efficiency Programs

We are committed to developing and funding programs that provide clean, affordable energy for our customers.

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Energy Affordability and Efficiency Programs

Training and Employment

We train and hire locally whenever possible to share the benefits of our project with our neighbours.

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Training and Employment

Supply Chain Diversity

Using goods and services from a diverse set of suppliers benefits our customers, communities and employees is good business.

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Supply Chain Diversity

Corporate Giving

Supporting causes that align with our core values and are important to the communities where we live and work strengthens relationships and creates shared value.

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Corporate Giving

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