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About This Report

We are proud to present our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which illustrates our ongoing efforts to improve our governance, management, performance and transparency across the enterprise.


The topics and data in this report are the result of extensive consultation, materiality assessment, and analysis of ESG requirements. It was prepared with reference to international ESG reporting frameworks, including the:

The core material topics included in our report are based on SASB standards.


This report covers consolidated enterprise-wide environmental, governance and social performance from January 1 to December 31, 2018 for the facilities and infrastructure for which AltaGas (referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” in this report) is the majority-owner or operator. Assets attained through the WGL Holdings, Inc. (WGL) acquisition on July 6, 2018, and those divested in 2018, are not included in our metrics. However, WGL ESG initiatives are profiled in this report as these efforts reflect our commitment to ESG and will continue to contribute to that strategy going forward.

This report does not focus on our financial performance. A thorough overview of our economic and operational performance can be found in our 2018 Annual Report and the public disclosure available on our website.


The data included in this report has been reviewed by the AltaGas executives responsible for the respective subject areas. The data collection methodologies used are aligned with industry best practices and applicable regulations and standards. No external assurance was sought for the content of the report. All currency is in Canadian dollars ($CAD) unless otherwise noted.

Future Reporting

Moving forward, ESG initiatives will be further integrated with our approach to risk management and the development of our business strategy, and we are committed to monitoring, reporting and improving our ESG metrics over time. Future reports will also include metrics on WGL performance.

AltaGas recognizes TCFD recommended guidelines on disclosure reporting, and we are currently considering how to best integrate the recommendations into our ESG strategy and reporting in the future.

Our stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

Engaging in meaningful dialogue with our stakeholders has always been core to our business. Ongoing communication with our stakeholders is critical to informing our community consultation, strategy development, and risk management activities, and ensuring we approach our work in a responsible way that creates social value where we operate.

For the purposes of this report, our stakeholders include any individuals or groups that may be affected by our operations (including those proposed), products or services. This includes employees, investors, customers, business partners, governments and regulators at the local, provincial, state and national levels, and communities, with special consideration of Indigenous communities.

Each division has their own requirements and standards for interacting with its stakeholder groups, which may be subject to legislation, regulation or agreements with Indigenous communities. A corporate objective for 2019 and onward is to develop a consistent framework for stakeholder communication and community consultation across the enterprise.

Learn more about community and Indigenous engagement

A Message from our President and Chief Executive Officer

At AltaGas, we are writing a bright story for a future where energy is affordable, efficient and clean.

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A Message from our President and Chief Executive Officer

Material Topics

The topics that impact our performance and long-term sustainability, and help investors learn about the nature of our business.

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Material Topics

Key Performance Data

We've been enhancing our data collection and reporting to provide increased transparency and consistency.

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Key Performance Data

About AltaGas

We are a North American energy infrastructure company with a focus on providing clean and affordable energy in the Utilities and Midstream sectors.

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About AltaGas

Vision and Values

Our values form the foundation for how we do business and serve as a blueprint to fulfill our vision and strategy.

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Vision and Values

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